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 * Interview with Grady Booch *


Major articles on NoSQL:

Pramod Sadalage  overviews NoSQL DBs


Jan Lehnardt: CouchDB - The Definitive Intro


Ian Robinson on Neo4j's Graph Database


Also TDD+ :


Clean Coding with Uncle Bob

Agile India - A Conference Report

Scott Ambler surveys TDD in the field

David Heinemeier-Hansson: TDD is dead!

Robert Martin - No it isn't!


52 Pages.











Pete McBreen – Understanding Software Craftsmanship.


Jason Gorman – Peer Lead Learning / Software Craftmanship.


Matt Stevens & Doug Rosenberg – Design Driven Testing.


Rachel Davies – Role of an Agile Coach.


Kevlin Henney – 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know



ObjectiveView Issue #10 - Databases and Automated Testing

Kent Beck Interview
C# 2.0 & 3.0 Overview
Refactoring Databases
OODBMS Revisited
How to Work with Legacy Code

Grady Booch on SOA
Kevlin Henney - Why the Waterfall Fails
Matt Stephens - Ruby - I Love You (Not)



Ed Yourdon - Structured Analysis - A Retrospective
TDD - Treating Tests as Code
EA's Model/Code Sync Features



PDF Version (3.2 MB)



ObjectiveView Issue #9 - New Technologies Focus


Alex Ruiz - Introduction to AspectJ
Richard Vaughan analyses AJAX
Amy Hoy introduces Ruby
Obie Fernandez - Introducing Ruby on Rails
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock - Specs are Bad!
Kevlin Henney - Abstraction - Down on the Upside
Scott Ambler - Glacial Development :-)!
Ken Pugh - Prefactor and be Agile


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ObjectiveView Issue #8 - Agile Development Special


Kent Tong on Turning Comments into Code
Elfreide Dustin on Unit Testing
Tim Mackinnon on Agile Project Retrospectives
Scott Ambler with the latest update on Agile Model Driven Development
Doug Rosenbert and Matt Stephens on Combining UML with TDD


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ObjectiveView Issue #7 - Focus on .NET


Microsoft C# author Jon Jagger overviews C#.NET
Paul Hatcher takes a look at VB.NET
Richard Vaughan on Managed C++ under .NET
Interview with author Doug Rosenberg and Matt Stephens on their forthcoming book: XP Refactored.


PDF Version (700 KB)




ObjectiveView Issue #6 - Component Development Special


John Daniels & John Cheesman (Authors: UML Components) on UML Components
Paul Allen (Author: Realizing e-Business With Components) on EBiz Components
Mark Collins-Cope & Hubert Matthews on Layered Architecture
Philip Eskelin (Author: Component Design Patterns: A Pattern Language for Component Based Development),with Kyle Brown & Nat Pryce on Component Distribution Patterns


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ObjectiveView Issue #5 - Focus on Use Cases


Interview with Ivar Jacobson
Clemens Syperski (Author: Component Software) on Components vs. Objects
Ralph Johnson (Author: Design Patterns) on Dynamic Object Model Architectures
Mark Collins-Cope on the RSI approach to Use Cases
Keiron McCammon on e-Business Architectures
Doug Rosenberg (Author: Use Case Driven Modeling with UML) and Kendall Scott (Co-author: UML Distilled) with "Goldilocks and the Three Software Processes"


PDF Version (550 KB)




ObjectiveView Issue #4 - Focus on XML


Richard Vaughan with an Introduction to XML for Developers
Author Jason Garbis on Designing Distributed Object Applications
Author Jan Bosch on Software Product Lines and Architectures
Why is UML topsy turvy? by Hubert Matthews and Mark Collins-Cope
Author Brian Hendersen-Sellers describes the OPEN Process
In-depth technical interview with author Robert C. Martin on eXtreme Programming


PDF Version (650 KB)




ObjectiveView Issue #3 - Focus on XP


Yonat Sharon summarises Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Process...
Authors Kendal Scott and Doug Rosenberg put the counter-case to Extreme Programming...
Paul Crerand of BEA with a detailed technical article on M3 - their Object Transaction Monitor
Brent Carlson of IBM discusses the use of Design Patterns in SanFransiso
Author Robert C. Martin with An Introduction to UML Use Cases...
Michael Barnes of Hurwitz Group with An Introduction to Components and CBD...


PDF Version (800 KB)




ObjectiveView Issue #2


Author Thomas Mowbray gives an Introduction to CORBA.
Author Robert C. Martin on the Open-Closed principle of OO design.
Anne Thomas (Patricia Seybold Group) on Noblenet Nouveau - ORB/COM/RPC interoperability tool.
Keiran McCannon of Versant with an in depth article on the case for the OODBMS (vs. RDBMS)


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ObjectiveView Issue #1


Structuring Large OO Projects - Avoiding the Pitfalls
The Commercial Case for OO Software Development (do you need to convince your manager?)
Object Management Group Analysis by the UK's OMG Representative
Object Oriented Design Tips


PDF Version (2.2 MB)